Los Angeles County
Department of Children
and Family Services
Child Protection Hotline (800) 540-4000
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Make an Emergent Child Abuse Report
Make an Emergent Child Abuse Report

Please immediately contact the Child Protection Hotline at (800) 540-4000

If Calling from Outside of California: (213) 639-4500
TDD - Telecommunication Device for the Deaf: (800) 272-6699
For additional services for the hard of hearing, please click Here.

Report New Non-Emergent
Child Abuse/Neglect (CARES)

Non-emergent reports include incidents of suspected child abuse or neglect that do not require immediate attention or the victim is not in immediate danger.

Please click here to complete a non-emergent report in the Child Abuse Reporting Electronic System (CARES).

Submit Follow-Up Suspected
Child Abuse Report (SS 8572)

After making a verbal report to the Child Protection Hotline, Mandated Reporters are required to submit a follow-up written report within 36 hours (CA Penal Code 11166).

Please allow up to two hours after the Hotline phone call for your Referral Number to become activated.

Please click here to submit your follow-up report.