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Filing an Online Report

Before you Complete an Online Report Form
This site will allow any mandated reporter, who has already made a verbal report to the Child Protection Hotline to complete a Suspected Child Abuse Form (SS8572). If you have not called the Hotline, please do so before attempting to complete this online report. You can reach the Hotline by calling 1-800-540-4000.
You must do the following before attempting to use this site:
  • Make a verbal report to the Child Protection Hotline at 1 (800) 540-4000
  • Obtain the referral number of the verbal report from the Hotline staff (19-digits)
If your verbal report was made to the Hotline, you may complete this online report and it will not be necessary for you to mail a report to the Hotline. We will automatically retrieve your report and it will be sent to the appropriate agencies.
Instructions for Completing the Form Online
  • Reporting Responsibilities

    • All Penal Code (PC) references are located in Article 2.5 of the PC. This article is known as the Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA). The provisions of CANRA may be viewed at: (specify "Penal Code" and search for Sections 11164-11174.3). A mandated reporter must complete and submit the form SS 8572 even if some of the requested information is not known (PC Section 11167(a)). Mandated child abuse reporters include all those individuals and entities listed in PC Section 11165.7.

    • Any mandated reporter who has knowledge of or observes a child, in his or her professional capacity or within the scope of his or her employment, whom he or she knows or reasonably suspects has been the victim of child abuse or neglect shall report such suspected incident of abuse or neglect to a designated agency immediately or as soon as practically possible by telephone and shall submit a report thereof within 36 hours of receiving the information concerning the incident. (PC Section 11166(a).)

      No mandated reporter who reports a suspected incident of child abuse or neglect shall be held civilly or criminally liable for any report required or authorized by CANRA. Any other person reporting a known or suspected incident of child abuse or neglect shall not incur civil or criminal liability as a result of any report authorized by CANRA unless it can be proven the report was false and the person knew it was false or made the report with reckless disregard of its truth or falsity. (PC Section 11172(a).)

  • Completing the Form

    • Enter your 19 digit referral number that was issued to you by Child Protection Hotline.

    • Enter the number of victims. If you have more than one victim in a family, a separate child abuse form must be completed for each victim. You will have the option to change the number of victims inside the form in Section E.

      • It is important to indicate whether or not the child is developmentally delayed or has some disability.

      • If most of the information you are reporting is similar or the same as the previous victim, the system will generate a new SS8572 form with sections A,B,D and E completed.

    • To create additional victims, click on the "ADD NEXT VICTIM" button.

      • To delete the current victim's data and remove it from the report, click on the "DELETE THIS VICTIM CREATE REPORT" button.

      • The mandated reporter must complete and submit the form SS8572, even if some of the requested information is "unknown"; please complete all fields on the form. If the information is unknown, enter "unknown".

      • When you have completed the form for each victim, you can create the report by clicking on the "CREATE REPORT" button. You must submit the report to the database in order to be able to download it on your computer and print it.

    • Once the report has been submitted to the database, a confirmation page will be created which will include your referral number and a tracking number. You will need both numbers to access the report online. You will also have the option to print the confirmation page.

      • The report will be created in Adobe Acrobat format, and you will need to have the free "Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-In" installed on your computer. If you don't have the Acrobat Reader installed , please click here.

      • To create the report and save it on your computer, click on the "VIEW/SAVE REPORT" button from the confirmation page.

  • Completing the Narrative

    The SS8572 requires that you provide the date and time of the incident and the place of the incident. Additionally, you are required to include the following in your narrative description:

    • What the victim(s) said;
    • What the mandated reporter (you) observed;
    • What the person accompanying the victim(s) said and
    • Similar past incidents involving the victims(s) or suspect.

    Review the questions below before completing the narrative. By providing the information requested, you will assist the Children's Social Worker and law enforcement official assigned to investigate the allegations you have reported. If you don't have all the information, do your best to include as much information as possible. Keep these questions in mind when making your next report:

    • The names of the victim(s) and the perpetrator(s) / suspect(s). Include relationship of the perpetrator(s) / suspect(s) to the victim and address and/or current location.
    • Is the victim developmentally disabled?
    • Does the victim have any disability?
    • Provide any known details.
    • Provide specific dates and/or time frames.
    • Provide the specific location (address if known) of the incident.
    • Who if anyone was a witness to the event?
    • Is there anyone else who may know about the incident or who may be able to provide information about the victim or the victim's family?
    • Provide the identifying information (name, address, telephone, etc.) and relationship of the person to the victim/family.

  • Distribution

    • Reporting Party: After completing Form SS 8572, retain one copy for your records.
      (Note: It will not be necessary for you to mail a copy of this online report to law enforcement, the district attorney's office or Children's Services. Upon receipt of the Form SS 8572, within 36 hours, DCFS will distribute a copy of the form to the appropriate agencies.)
Customer Support
If you encountered problems using this website you can contact Customer Assistance Center at (562) 940-3305.